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Pre-lubrication Bearing
Bronze Bearing


Bronze Bearing

Bronze Bearing, SDX is made of high quality low-carbon steel with sintered porous bronze as its interlayer and the compound of polyoxymethylene and Pb as bearing layer. The bronze bearing layer has indents (grease pockets) and is designed in a way that can be used both in dry and lubrication type. It has high load capacity that can expect long life cycle with regular lubrication and it is also excellent in perturbation characteristics and strength and stability of metal materials.

Characteristics | Bronze Bearing

  • High-speed and high-load performance.
  • Excellent durability for maintaining lubricant.
  • Low frictional coefficient and abrasion resistance in pre-lubrication.
  • Excellent allowance for misalignment.

Mechanical & Physical properties

Item Unit Values
Lubrication initial lubrication, dry and regular lubrication in combination
Allowable contact pressure kgf/cm2 250 ~1,400
Velocity m/min 60 ~ 90
PV value kgf/cm2·m/min 1,050 ~ 2,100
Temperature -40~ +120

▶ Value indicated above is general value and it can be changed without notification for improvement.

Use | Bronze Bearing

  • General industrial device, heavy machine and plant and automobile component