The Perfect Oilless SGO

Self-Lubricating Bearing

Oilless bearing(Self-lubricating bearing) can improve productivity and save cost/time by having the material properties which can withstand both high & low temperature, corrosive environment, foreign particles, and impact load. There are various kind of shapes and materials for oilless bearings manufactured in SGO to be used from Korea to the world such as metal, non-metal, plastic and ceramic.

Lubrication type

1. Dry Lubrication = using solid lubricant

  • SGO SDU Dry Bearing → Teflon + Special additive
  • SGO #500 Bearing → Natural graphite + Teflon lubricant
  • SGO DEVELON Bearing → Natural graphite + Metal powder

What is solid lubricant?: Powder or solid type lubricant that is used in harsh conditions such as high temperature and corrosion environment and where oil or grease cannot be used. Generally it is mainly made with natural graphite, molybdenum disulfide, and P.T.F.E.

2. Liquid lubrication ( using oil or water)

  • SGO #300 (oil impregnation in porous cast iron)

Advantage & Disadvantage of each lubricating method

Classification Dry lubrication Liquid lubrication
  • Can be used in high / low temperature.
  • Can be used in corrosive atmosphere.
  • Can be applied for high-load low-speed motion, reciprocating motion, impact load, angular pitching motion, and discontinuous frequent stop motion where oil lubrication is not effective.
  • Can be used without lubrication.
  • Ideal for high speed in light and medium load.
  • Liquid lubrication prevent friction between metal to metal by forming oil film with continuously rotating by centrifugal force in the clearance of shaft and housing.
  • Can be used in low speed in principle without lubrication.
  • Using it in high speed condition may occur seizure or shorten life cycle of bearing, because solid lubricant has higher friction coefficient than liquid lubricant.
  • Oiling is required in regular basis.
  • Cannot be used in low / high temperature.
  • Cannot be used in corrosive atmosphere.
  • Not suitable for high-load&low-speed motion, reciprocating motion, impact load, angular pitching motion, and discontinuous frequent stop motion where oil film is difficult to be formed.
  • Not suitable for use in high load and high speed, which reduces lifetime due to excessive PV value.


  • Place where lubrication cannot be applied or lubrication is dangerous.
  • Place where product can be contaminated or failure is occurred due to lubrication.
  • Low / High temperature, under-water, and place that is exposed to chemicals.
  • Place that can prevent decrease in productivity due to machine stop while lubricating.
  • Place where oiling is not effective due to harsh conditions such as frequent stop motion.
  • Impact and vibration, high-load low-speed motion, rust occurrence, foreign substance penetration.
  • Sliding motion, angular pitching motion.