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Bi-metal Bearing
Bronze Sleeve Bearing


Bronze Sleeve Bearing

Bi-metal bearing(Bronze sleeve bearing) is steel backed with low friction and excellent wear resistance bronze powder as bearing layer. Different kinds of oil groove and oil hole are designed as per lubrication conditions and operating condition and Bi-metal engine bearing with bearing layer in CuPb10Sn10 is widely used.


  • Suitable for oscillating motion under high-load and low-speed condition.
  • Applicable in extremely tough working condition.
  • Excellent fatigue strength under high temperature.

Mechanical & Physical properties

Item Unit Characteristics
Lubrication Dry, Lubrication
Allowable contact pressure kgf/cm2 1,400 (2,500)
Velocity m/min 120
PV value kgf/cm2·m/min 1,700
Temperature -40 ~ +250

▶ Value indicated above is general value and it can be changed without notification for improvement.


  • Vehicle engine, engineering, agricultural device, heavy construction equipment