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Dry Bearing
Dry Bearing


Dry Bearing

SDU dry bearing is based on high quality low-carbon steel backing with sintered porous bronze as its interlayer and bearing layer consisting of PTFE and fiber. It is suitable for the field that requires small size and light weight where lubrication cannot be applied. It has been widely used in different kinds of field, but it is limited for using in the field that requires hardness in bearing layer.


  • Applicable in dry lubricationand suitable for the field that requires small size and light weight.
  • Low friction-coefficient and abrasion resistance in high load and low speed condition.
  • Applicable in wide temperature range.
  • Provides superior chemical resistance, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, and heat conductivity.
  • Standards parts and custom-made parts available

Mechanical & Physical properties

Item Unit Values
Lubrication - Dry
Allowable contact pressure kgf/cm2 250 ~ 1,400
Velocity m/min 15 ~ 60
PV value kgf/cm2·m/min 1,050~2,100
Temperature -200 ~ +250


  • General industrial machine, hydraulic device, electronic home appliance, automobile component, textile machine, and packing machine