The Perfect Oilless SGO

Sintered Bearing
Sintered Bronze Bearings

Sintered Bronze Bearings

Composed of Fe-Cu, the entire sintered bronze bearings are oilless bearings that contain oil in approximately 20% of pores, and feature low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance. Lubricating oil impregnated in the micro pores of Fe-Cu-based sintered metal is released to the friction surface under the influence of temperature and pressure during operation, and performs smooth lubrication. After the operation is finished, the lubricating oil is absorbed into the micro pores again, allowing semi-permanent use.


Sintered Bronze Bearings

Cross Section Before and After Operation of Bearing-Shaft

Sintered Bronze Bearings

500 Times Magnification


  • It can be used without lubrication, but it exhibits better performance during lubrication.
  • Solid lubricant and oil are evenly distributed, so it can be used in any direction.
  • It features a low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance.
  • Compared to copper alloy bearings, the unit price is superior.
  • Used for joints (arms, links) of construction machinery.

Mechanical & Physical properties

Material Hardness (HRB) Oil Volume (%) Temperature
200W Min. 70 Min. 17 -40~+120

▶ Value indicated above is general value and it can be changed without notification for improvement.


  • Boom, Arm, Arm Cylinder, Bucket of Excavator